Equipment List

We have a lot of purchased and donated tools and equipment, and this is by no means an exhaustive list:

Eleven 3D filament printers (plus some new SLA-type printers). The main workhorses are the Lulzbot Mini and Lulzbot Taz, but we have several different 3D printer models including three delta-style printers.

Epilog Heliz 50 Watt CO2 Laser. This amazing machine costs as much as a card and it can cut or engrave wood, acrylic, textiles, chocolate, and much more. It can even etch aluminum.

Shopbot CNC Router. This computerized cutting machine can cut or engrave wood or soft metals.

Bridgeport Milling Machine. Current out of order, it can machine metal.

Assorted shop tools: drill press, chop saw, table saw, router table, router, and much more.

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